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The Nature of Networking with Sarah Al Madani

I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about networking and socialising when it comes to meeting with new professionals.

Now, we often put our best foot forward to create the most memorable impression in the fear that we may not be liked or our idea might be rejected. Why do we subconsciously act that way? 

Well, that is how the world goes. It's like if you present a fake CV, you probably would get the job and everybody inflates their CVs because they want to get the job. And to me, that's seeking validation. I stopped doing this since like nine years. I stopped impressing and I stopped faking my CV. I just showed up as I am.

And when you show up as you are, a lot of people will accept you. A lot of people won't. Your network might get bigger. It might not. And that's completely OK. So the first step is understanding that it's OK if some people don't accept you and don't like you, because we all want to be liked. We will do anything to be liked. But that's very toxic. And it's OK. And it's OK not to be liked. It's OK not to be accepted.

I'm OK with walking in a room and some people say, I can't stand her. I'm OK with that. It's fine. I'm not everyone's cup of tea, right?

If you are at peace with that thought, you play the game differently, completely different. So that's one thing. Second thing is, if I have to pretend to be somebody so you can feel like I'm important, I don't want that. Because one day you realize I'm not whatever I pretended to be. Therefore, what's going on over here doesn't make sense to me. I like to be authentic when 

I'm building my network. And I build my network based on people that are like me, think like me, have the same values like me, are weird like me. And when you do something like that, your network is more successful than having a fake network around you that likes you for something you're not. Because someone else will come and pretend to be something better than you and they'll go ahead with that. But to have a solid network that really believes in you and loves you for who you are and respects you for who you really are, without you having to pretend or fake, that is the kind of network that's healthy and that will remain with you and that's going to be your net worth. So it's so important to know that, yeah, it still happens in the world. A lot of people still do that, but you don't have to do that.

In your opinion, why can't we voice our opinion without the fear of judgment? Why is this need for the filter to be put on all the time?

As women, we've been brainwashed to feel like that is how it should be. I don't blame women who struggle to break the chain or break their shackles and set themselves free. I do not blame them for being in a situation where it's hard because imagine, and I say this all the time, your brain is like tofu. Whatever you're marinated in, it becomes. Imagine being marinated in culture and the education system and your upbringing and then one day you want to change it all. It's not easy. It's not easy. Definitely not easy. I will tell every woman it's not easy, but the end result of this uneasy journey is such a pleasant destination.

Don't be scared to take that route. Don't be scared. It will get lonely. It will get scary. It is hard, but it's so worth it. The other side is so worth it. I do understand, but I also want women to understand that it's ok.


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