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From Olive Groves to Skincare Sanctuary: The Story of Juana Skin

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Image from joumana_caroline_martini Instagram

Image from joumana_caroline_martini Instagram

Nestled amongst olive groves, a childhood connection with nature blossomed into a passion for natural skincare.

Juana Martini, co-founder of Juana Skin, spent her youth immersed in the earthy embrace of her family's olive tree fields. It's here, amidst the whispering leaves and golden fruit, that the seeds of a unique skincare philosophy were sown. Read on to discover how Juana's early experiences continue to influence the brand's dedication to harnessing the power of nature's bounty for radiant, healthy skin.

Please tell us more about Juana Skincare line. Why do we need it?

Juana provides a holistic, clinically proven and natural way to invest into your skin’s health. It is powered by cannabinoids, known for their unparallel anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, and are clinically proven to restore skin’s natural balance – addressing inflammation, redness, dryness, blemishes, as well as preventing glycation and inflammaging.

How does Juana's CBD skincare interact with the biological pathway in

the skin to manage stress, inflammation, and anxiety? Can you explain

the scientific mechanism behind it?

We all have a system in our body that is called Endocannabinoid System –ECS. This system is responsible for regulating our body’s function – from sleep, to mood, to skin’s health. CBD is a phytocannabinoid – cannabidiol - closely aligned in the structure to our natural endocannabinoids that our bodies produce. Cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. It closely resembles the structure of endocannabinoids, which are naturally produced by the body. CBD can support the work of the endocannabinoid system of our body, helping to manage all the disbalances in the organs or nervous system – from stress to skin inflammation. When CBD is applied topically through skincare products, it interacts with the ECS receptors in the skin. By interacting with ECS receptors in the skin, CBD helps restore balance and support the body's natural healing mechanisms.

What specific Juana products best target different skin concerns related

to inflammation (e.g., redness, breakouts, dryness)?

All of Juana products are formulated with cannabidiol, and are effective against inflammation. For atopic skin conditions on the body, we would recommend the Velvety Body Butter, that is clinically proven to reduce inflammation markers of up to 90%, not only soothing the skin, but healing it and allowing to calm down the inflammation. When it comes to the face, Brightening Day Cream in combination with Face Oil, are clinically proven to address redness, clear skin from blemishes, and deeply nourish the skin. If there is an inflammatory caused discomfort in muscles and joints, Cooling Gel would provide the best way of addressing that.

What are our biggest lifestyle triggers for stress (work, relationships,

etc.) and how do they manifest in your skin (breakouts, redness,


Everyone is exposed to different conditions that trigger stress, and it also differs depending on the stage of life the person is at. However, that stress has a direct impact on the mental and physical wellbeing. Stress leads to production of specific hormones in our body – which in its turn make skin more vulnerable – leading to reduced immunity, sebum de-regulation, and inflammations. This can trigger breakouts, flare-ups, and even atopic skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. It also can have an effect on how your skin ages, disrupting collagen and elastin production, and causing wrinkles.

If we decide to look for injectables, what should we be aware of?

Preparation and post-care for injectable treatments is extremely important. Proper preparation and aftercare play a pivotal role in enhancing treatment outcomes and minimizing downtime. At Juana, we've developed a comprehensive protocol designed to prime the skin for various aesthetic procedures, including lasers, microneedling, and

injectables. By addressing any inflammation and redness beforehand, we aim to optimize results and promote faster healing. Moreover, our range of Juana products effectively tackles inflammation, swelling, and bruising. Many aesthetic doctors are incorporating these products into their post-treatment regimens to soothe, heal, and safeguard the skin, thereby prolonging the benefits of the treatment.

What are some tips for incorporating Juana's CBD skincare into an

existing skincare routine for optimal results?

Incorporating Juana’s CBD skincare into routine is simple, as actives we are using in our formulations are compatible and complementary to all the other known actives. For example, if you are using retinol, Juana products can support with avoiding dryness and irritation that retinol can trigger. You can start with either full range – as Juana provides all steps from leansing to healing to protection – or with selected products to be integrated into your overall plan, like Face Oil that can be blended into other products for extra nourishment and hydration.

Can you recommend specific product combinations or layering


Juana range is designed in order to have simple yet effective routines for your skin, without complex application. We recommend to start with Deep Cleansing Emulsion that is providing deep cleanse in a very delicate way, not striping the skin from its natural oils. We would then follow with Brightening Day Cream or Ultra-rich Night cream, depending on type of skin (ultra-rich cream is recommended in case of very dry skin). To lock in the moisture and strengthen the skin barrier, we would recommend to then apply the Face Oil.

Juana Skin Images

What should we expect from Juana Skin next?

In our product pipeline, we are focusing into expanding the range into broader wellness applications – from skin to gut to scalp health.

What advice would you give to women who are constantly trying new

skincare products?

Although it might be tempting to experiment with new products, with skincare consistency would be key in delivering strong results and avoiding skin irritation. We would also recommend to always research the ingredients, to ensure that the products you apply on your skin are compatible with each other, and does not include any “nasties” such as endocrine discruptors.


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